Keeper of The Fruit Loops

The Birth of The Keeper of The Fruit Loops

For years, my friends and family told me that my Facebook statuses on my personal page read like a humor novel.  I wasn’t trying to be funny, rather, I was just detailing the insanity that happened before my eyes every day while raising two small kids.  Facebook has always been a good medium for me.

On March 20, 2013, armed with the encouragement of a good friend, I started a blog.  And a Facebook page.  And got on The Twitter.

And then I got kicked off of The Facebook and The Twitter for unintentional spamming.  On the same day I started my blog.  Turns out, when you tell the hundreds of people in your address book on The Hotmail, The Facebook and The Twitter people get hot under the collar.  My blog was almost over before it started.

On March 22, 2013, after resolving my spamming issues and promising my third born child to some guy named Raul at The Twitter (he so silly….I had my tubes tied in 2008, but I digress), Keeper of The Fruit Loops was born.

About Christine Burke

Hey y’all, it’s me, Christine Burke! Whether you call me Christine, Mom, or The Keeper of the Fruit Loops, let’s be real, I’m a superhero in yoga pants. When I’m not busy saving the world one child at a time, I’m sharing my hilarious experiences on my blog. My wit is as sharp as a newly opened box of scissors and my stories are as relatable as a Kardashian scandal. Need advice? I’ve got you covered. Need a laugh? I’m your girl. So, let’s make some memories and tackle this parenting thing together. Want to know more about me? I’ve been on Grown and Flown, Scary Mommy, Your Teen, Today’s Parenting, and more! Check out my profiles below. Want to work with me? Let’s talk!