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On Changing…..

January 5, 2017

Well, now, 2016 was quite a year, wasn’t it, bitchachos?

And, I don’t know about you, but I feel different. In some respects, a good different. In other ways, not so much.

I don’t mind telling you that 2016 changed me.

A lot.

I am changed professionally. Frankly, I don’t recognize my professional life from even just a year ago. My job at Scary Mommy has been a literal dream come true. From the time I was a little girl, I dreamed of having a career where I’d get paid for the crazy thoughts in my head. And, somehow, I’ve managed to do it this past year. It’s been amazing, overwhelming and life changing. Finding myself professionally has challenged me in ways I never dreamed possible. Also? I got to see the inside of the Scary Mommy headquarters and I’m not sure they realize what they’ve done by giving me the access code to the staff bathroom.

I am changed personally. Some of my relationships are different since the election, fractured and hard to recognize, and that’s been a departure from the norm in my life. Other relationships were strengthened with the bond of shared politics and new beginnings.  I’ve been clinging to those bright lights as I’ve navigated the waters of change in my friendships. Change is always good but sometimes, the change that comes is unexpected, hurtful and transformative.

I am changed as a mother. Going back to work mostly full time has presented it’s challenges. I’ve learned to let go of the idea that I can be all things to everyone all the time. My laundry room looks like the third ring of hell most days and I’ve become pretty good at letting go of the fact that we eat take out a little bit more these days (read: A LOT). But, just as I’ve changed, the Fruit Loops have risen to the challenge of a mother who is chasing her dreams. They’ve grown and matured in ways I never expected and I find myself getting glimpses of the adults they’ll be some day. And, I have to tell you: they don’t suck at being little grown ups. And, they’ve mastered the art of eye rolling and teenaged angst, so that’s fun. Super fun. SO. much fun. Ahem.

I am changed as a wife. As we have grown into parents of teens, Hubby and I have seen the light at the end of the parenting tunnel and the light has been blinding. Realizing that our time with kids at home is limited has forced us to decide not only what we want to do when we grow up but also to make ourselves a priority. The day we realized we could go to Happy Hour on a Friday afternoon and not need to call a sitter was pretty much the best day of our lives as parents. Of course, we were home by like 6p because we are now not young. And I don’t like wearing a bra any longer than I have to, let’s face it.

I am changed politically. This election has electrified me and has caused me to really look at the world I want the Fruit Loops to have when I’m gone. And, if I’m being honest, this year has made me consider stepping out of my comfort zone and throwing my hat into the political arena. I’m still working out how that would look in my life but, you guys, could you imagine the campaign fun we’d have? I already have my campaign slogan: “Vote For Me, Bitchachos.” Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?.  Of course, I’d have to remember to not call my opponent “douchcanoe”, too. Because professional. Stay tuned….

Anywho, lots of changes here in the Fruit Loop Group and I’m so grateful you guys have been along for the journey. 2017 is shaping up to be pretty frigging amazing and I can’t wait to see what life looks like by this time next year.

The Keeper, she’s a changing….except I’m not giving up on the word “bitchacho.” #Bitchacho4Eva


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  1. I follow you siltently on yoy fb page and on your blog posts and I just want to say you are amazing and I admire you so much. Best of luck with everything that’s changing for you.

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