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The Keeper Has Flipp-ed Over Grocery Shopping

February 24, 2016

Recently, Hubby walked into the living room and announced that he was about to make my life easier.

I raised my eyebrow, folded my arms across my chest, and waited.

I mean, unless he was about to tell me that he’d hired the entire staff of Downton Abbey to start running my household, I was dubious. And also, I’m pretty sure I make managing this joint look effortless every single day (read:  I don’t complain TOO loudly when I’m collecting laundry, cooking dinner, dealing with homework and doing the other nine thousand and two of my household jobs).

But, because he looked so proud of himself and because I really couldn’t wait to hear what was about to come out of his mouth, I said, “Oh, how so?”.

“Well,” he said, “I’m going to take over the grocery shopping”.

And I laughed.  HARD.  And for a long time.

Because, you see, fellow Fruit Loop Groupers, I do the majority of the cooking around here. Scratch that. I do ALL of the cooking around Fruit Loop Headquarters. You want a special birthday dinner?  I’m on it.  You feel like Taco Tuesday? Pass the salsa, I’m your gal.  Fruit Loops need a complicated snack that requires construction and Pinterest pins galore? I am your woman. Suffice it to say: Hubby is an amateur when it comes to the food consumption in this house. And, no one has yet starved because I’m fairly good at keeping the fridge stocked with the essentials. Mostly.

Further, he hasn’t set foot in a grocery store other than to pick up flowers for Mother’s Day in who knows how long. He isn’t the one who resists the urge to commit grocery cart road rage on a weekly basis or the one who has to go to six different stores to find just the right brand of peanut butter. He’s also NOT the one who sees that individually wrapped Goldfish packages are on super discount and picks them up for Fruit Loop #2’s class party a week in advance. He may be the CEO (read:  breadwinner) but I’m the Chief Financial Officer (read:  money spender) and I’m the one who is responsible for what we save (or don’t as is more often the case) at the grocery store.  Ahem.

But, as he excitedly told me his plan, I have to admit I was pretty stoked. In an attempt to save us both time and effort, he planned to use an online grocery delivery service as well as the Flipp app to help us find the cheapest deals on groceries. No more grocery cart road rage, no more handing over my credit card with a wince when I saw the total on the register, no more lugging groceries in pouring rain.  Actual real savings in my pocket AND I could shop right from my couch. In my pajamas. With my iPhone.


Now, online grocery delivery has not been without it’s hiccups. Sometimes, Hubby thinks he’s doing us all a favor by saving a few pennies and ordering one less gallon of milk or ordering the small package of blackberries for a family of four (seriously?). And, while the online service is super easy, often, they don’t always have the particular products I want when I want them. Bottom line:  I’m a JIF girl.  None of that Peter Pan nonsense, thankyouverymuch. So, inevitably, I STILL have to go to the grocery store at least once a week to buy all the things Hubby has forgotten.

That’s where the Flipp app saves my wallet and keeps me from strangling Hubby when I realize he conveniently left toilet paper off the list (don’t worry, honey, I’ll just grab some leaves outside….).  Flipp is a FREE app (you like it already, don’t you?) that will send every grocery store circular in your area RIGHT TO YOUR PHONE. A cute little jingle alerts you that savings are right at your fingertips and when you open the app, you get a list of all the store circulars in bright, colorful, easy to read graphics. It’s like the paperboy has figured out a way to invade your Apple and Android products.  The nifty little app allows you to “Flipp” through each circular and you can actually circle what you want to buy.  You can create customized lists for every store you frequent all from the comfort of your couch.  You don’t even have to wear a bra to save time and money. WHO DOESN’T NEED THIS IN THEIR LIVES?

Colorful, easy to read store circulars make shopping almost TOO EASY. Ahem.

The Flipp app also curbs my grocery cart rage, it turns out.

And don’t get me started on the coupons. THERE ARE COUPONS, bitchachos. Hundreds of dollars of coupons with the tap of your phone screen. Between the coupons and the price matching feature, I just saved a $1.5o on Nutella and I felt like I won the lottery.  Because CHEAP. NUTELLA.


While I’m still waiting for Carson the Butler to show up and make my life REALLY easy, I’m loving the Flipp app and how much easier it makes my grocery shopping. Frankly, I don’t know what I did without it and bonus: I don’t get newspaper print all over my hands anymore when I “Flipp” through my weekly ads.

Now, if I could just figure out how to get Hubby to take over the laundry, I’d be golden…..

Note:  I was thrilled and excited when the good people of Flipp asked me to work with them.  Did I get paid for this post?  You betcha.  BUT, I only agreed to do so because I loved their product and I thought you guys would, too.  I would never steer you wrong, bitchachos.  Only KEEPER APPROVED stuff will grace my blog page! 










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    1. We use Peapod… It’s affiliated with Giant grocery stores on our area but I know Peapod is a national thing. Good luck!

  1. Thanks for the info! Actually gonna investigate it right now. Great article. Got a laugh, found new app, all good!

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